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Wedding Photos – Jaco & Lydia – Skilpadvlei

Jaco & Lydia Wedding Photos, Skilpadvlei, Stellenbosch

Jaco & Lydia Wedding Photos, Skilpadvlei, Stellenbosch

What a great time for a wedding in the Cape Winelands district. The vineyards are lush green and the sweet wine grapes are almost ready for harvesting. As this was my first ever wedding as the primary photographer, I was a bit nervous. Using rented equipment I had no experience with, while trying to capture all the required events, was quite a tricky task. Overall I am very pleased with the results, and have learned a lot from my experience.

Knowing your equipment, and the ability to quickly execute photographic decisions based on the time and location, are some of the key factors that makes a successful wedding photographer.

All an all I had a great time with my new friends Jaco & Lydia and the day as a whole was a complete success! Below, find a few of my personal favourites shot on Jaco & Lydia’s wedding day held on the 4th of March 2011 at Skilpadvlei, just outside Stellenbosch, South-Africa.

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